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What is Datamine (DAM) Token

Our deflationary DeFi protocol generates FLUX tokens with every block of ETH (approx. every 15 seconds).

Datamine (DAM) is an ERC-777 Standard Token with a Fixed Supply of 16.8 million tokens. When DAM Tokens are locked into the smart contract, they generate dividends in the form of FLUX tokens.

As FLUX liquidity increases, a market equilibrium will be established. Datamine does not take custody of tokens and is only a collaborative hub.

Our Core Use Case

Built-in On-Chain Velocity

Our dual token ecosystem rewards users for destroying FLUX tokens from circulation. A user burns FLUX to increase their burn multiplier and decrease everyone else’s. As such, dynamic market equilibrium is created through real time on-chain supply and demand.

FLUX is simply a measure of time that can be transacted to reduce global inflation and increase dividend rates

The value of FLUX originates from borrowing a portion of the global mint rate when burning FLUX.

DeFi Network Alpha

Our Dashboard

The Datamine Dashboard is a feature-rich user interface and all-in-one real time powerhouse of data. Get all your $DAM, $FLUX, $ETH, & $USDC analytic points from on-chain data in a single place – instantly. The dashboard is where you lock in DAM tokens or mint and burn FLUX Dividends. Watch your $FLUX $USDC balance increase in real time based on on-chain $USDC multi-route Uniswap data.

Datamine & Flux

Our On-Chain Utility Tokens

For the base token, Datamine (DAM), we’ve kept it as simple as possible. DAM is a standard ERC-777 implementation and was deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. To bootstrap the DAM/FLUX token ecosystem, we chose to use a fair distribution of the two year old Bulwark blockchain.

  • Token Symbol DAM Token DAM
  • Token Start June 23, 2020
  • Token Source Bulwark & ENCO Coin Swap
  • Total Supply Fixed
  • Starting Supply 16,876,778 DAM
  • Key Feature Lock-To-Mint Smart Contract
  • Primary Utility Incentivized Cold Storage
  • Technology Standard ERC-777
  • Suggested Wallet Type Secure Hardware
  • Smart Contract Address 0xF80D589b3Dbe130c270a69F1a6...

FLUX is a NON-FIXED supply token in our ecosystem that is used for all future and present use cases. Because it is non-fixed and has predictable minting, we can create more “spendable” use cases without having to worry about the fixed supply nature of DAM.

  • Token Symbol Flux Token FLUX
  • Token Start June 23, 2020
  • Token Source Minted by locking-in DAM tokens
  • Total Supply Unlimited
  • Starting Supply 0 FLUX
  • Key Feature Global Burn Supply / Demand
  • Primary Utility On-Chain Mint & Burn Mechanism
  • Technology Advanced ERC-777
  • Suggested Wallet Type MetaMask Extension / Brave Browser
  • Smart Contract Address 0x469eDA64aEd3A3Ad6f868c445...
Fair distribution with NO Premine

Swap to DAM

Datamine is a standard ERC-777 implementation and was deployed on the Ethereum mainnet with a fixed supply of 25,000,000 DAM tokens. By June 22nd 2020, 16,876,778.9 DAM tokens were ultimately swapped and the remaining 8,123,221.1 DAM were burned.

67% Ultimately Swapped
33% Burned

Read Our Documents

Economic Model
Security Audit Report
Security Audit Report
Our Short-Term Roadmap

Time Line

Our short term roadmap

June 22nd, 2020
  • Last BWK to DAM Swap
July 2nd, 2020
  • End of DAM/FLUX Failsafe
July 31st, 2020
Alpha Network
  • Datamine DeFi Network Alpha
August 21st, 2020
  • @CoinMarketCap added Datamine to DeFi Page
August 22nd, 2020
  • @CoinMarketCap added Datamine to DeFi Page
Public Beta
  • Datamine DeFi Network Pro
OCTOBER 13TH, 2020
Security Audit Report
November 21st, 2021
Datamine L2 ArbiFLUX
December 31st, 2021
Open Beta v5